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“If you kept changing the way people saw the world, you ended up changing the way you saw yourself”

Terry Pratchett, from Going Postal

The day I finished my first ever photo series, I decided to show it to my friend at work. Until that moment, nobody in the world had seen it. I waited anxiously as he slowly explored the series, photo by photo. Like in my photos, time seemed to stand still.

My name is Lidor Wyssocky. For the first 20 something years of my life, there was exactly one thing about myself I knew for sure. I knew that I was anything but creative.

As a child and later a teenager, I remember repeatedly noticing that my friends and classmates all found some way to express themselves and more or less had the talent to do so. Some of them played musical instruments, some painted, a couple of them danced, and one even wrote an entire play. I couldn’t do any of those, which made me believe I am not a creative person.

Then I became a software developer, and for the first time in my life, I felt like I just might be able to create something. Not long after that, I started to think about how I and my colleagues could work better, and more effectively. It made me look at things differently than I had until then. At the same time, I decided (with no apparent reason) to buy a DSLR camera. To justify the expensive gift I bought myself, I developed the strange habit of waking up every Saturday at 5:30 AM, driving to Tel-Aviv, walking the deserted streets, and taking photos.

One of these mornings, I found a simple graffiti flower drawn on a wall, and I suddenly had an idea that one year later would become my first photo series.

So here I was, waiting for my friend to finish exploring the little mobile exhibition I had arranged in the office. As he finished examining the last photo, time unfroze. He turned off the laptop, turned to me, and said: “I feel like someone punched me in the stomach.”

This was the exact moment when my professional life changed.
It has been changing ever since then.

At this specific moment in time, it looks something like this…

Your ability to communicate your ideas and inspire action is essential whatever your professional goals are. Whether you write blog posts and articles, publish a podcast, or deliver a presentation, your content can dramatically change the way your audience perceives you and your ideas. We believe any professional can make an impact by communicating their ideas effectively.

In The Keynote Lab™ , I help people shape their ideas into effective and impactful content that enables them to achieve their goals.

And check out also my unique workshop and book (in progress) on Fixing Workplace Communication.

We are all born creative. As children, we intuitively apply our creative skills. However, as we grow up, many of us lead a less creative life. Our mind is still programmed to be creative, but most of us do not realize this potential due to the lack of proper setup, mindset, and practice.

Leading a creative life is essential now more than ever before. Creativity can enhance everything we do in our professional, personal, and community lives. Our creative skills can literally become game-changers.

The Creativity Operating System™ is a model designed to inspire you to lead a creative life and unleash your Creativity. Using the model as your guide, you can turn Creativity into a natural part of your life again.

seempli™ is a super-tool designed to help you master your creative skills and apply your Creativity to everything you do.

Based on The Creativity Operating System modelit is designed to inspire you to create more, experience more, and open up endless ideation opportunities.

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